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Jacksonville once ranked as one of the top 10 Divorce Capitals (highest divorce rates) in America, according to a 2014 survey in Men’s Health magazine. But, after three years (2016-2018) the divorce rate in Duval County declined by 24% supported by high-quality marriage strengthening programs and resources from Live the Life along with local churches and other community partners. And we are not done! Since 2015 we have provided access to relationship education to nearly 20,000 men and women in Northeast Florida. Here’s what we were able to accomplish:


local churches were equipped with best practices and support to run relationship ministries and new marketing outreach.


thousand people served through four-hour or longer marriage strengthening programs by church leaders across the city.


divorce decline in Jacksonville from 2016-2018 which produced the lowest divorce rate among all large Florida counties.


million impressions were made, targeting those who fit a predictive model for divorce. These include digital, radio, and billboard ads which drove traffic to USMarriage.org — a clearinghouse where couples can register for martial help.


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