Your family is important to us! Explore our site to find tools and resources to strengthen your marriage and family.

Is your marriage in trouble? Find healing at Hope Weekend. This intensive will help restore love and deepen intimacy in your marriage.


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Building toward a thriving community:

Live the Life is working to lower the divorce rate and strengthen marriages and families through skills-based relationship and marriage education programs, conferences, singles retreats, and youth development programs. Our partners include non-profits, churches, schools and corporations throughout Northeast Florida.

Jacksonville’s divorce rate plummeted by 24% after Live the Life’s three-year experiment and partnership with more than 50 local churches and nonprofits across the city. The decline is saving taxpayers an estimated $65 million and keeping thousands of children in homes with healthy marriages. 

We are preparing to launch a new community-wide marriage initiative called Stronger Together. The core elements will be to inspire, provide resources and support, and mobilize the community around investing in families for a more prosperous community.

"We believe that community wellness starts in the home, and that strong families are the foundation of healthy homes."

-Richard Albertson, Founding President, Live the Life

start smart

It’s never too early to invest in your marriage. Start Smart provides engaged and newlywed couples the skills needed to begin marriage on a solid foundation.

Adventures in marriage

AIM is designed to teach couples skills that can help turn a good marriage into a great marriage, find hope in a struggling marriage, or take a great marriage to a deeper level.

hope weekend

Does your marriage feel hopeless? Are you contemplating divorce? Don’t give up. Hope Weekend marriage retreat can help you rediscover the love that seems lost.

a marriage healed

“Without the church, a great group of friends, and Live the Life’s support, the success of our marriage would not be possible.”

–Chris and La Cresha, Jacksonville, FL

how can we serve you?

Marriage Classes

Whether you’re engaged or have been together for years, it’s never too late to invest in your marriage. Relationship education provides practical skills for a love that lasts.

student groups

We partner with local schools and organizations to teach teens skills for fostering healthy relationships, avoiding risky behavior, and making positive life choices.

Faith & Community Partnerships

Our community is stronger together. When we help mend the fragmentation of families, we reduce poverty, juvenile delinquency, incarceration, and many other issues affecting our community.

How you can help

We are looking for supporters who share our vision for strong families, and who are willing to go “all in” to transform our community in dramatic ways.